Prague Hotel Info Plenty of hotels await your arrival when visiting Prague. Be also aware that most hotels in Prague are busy nearly all year - so book early. Depending on your budget, you will be able to find what you are looking for in various parts of the city. Budget accommodations is mostly located close the main train station,  where also private rooms and apartments can be rented out.



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The budget pension in Prague listed below are presented to you by Accommodation in Prague - a collection of the pensions. View and explore them to find your perfect hotel in Prague for business or your Prague vacation.

Pension "Little House" offers inexpensive accommodations in a newly reconstructed guesthouse.

Pension Svatava is situated not far from ZOO near to the approach of the bridge "Barigadniku".

Pension BoB is a family run pension in a quiet, green and smog-free neighbourhood just 15 minutes by public transport from the centre of Prague. Before you make a booking, check the type of hotel you want and you should also look around because different online suppliers of hotel accommodation offer very different prices. There are more and more hotels now where you can stay at reasonable prices, ranging form 1000 CZK per person outside the city to 2500 CZK close to city centre. The majority of rooms have en-suite bathrooms, TV’s, phone’s and usually come with continental breakfast already included in the price. Some of budget hotels, especially those in Prague suburbs still offer shared facilities. Top hotels usually charge 7000 CZK or more per person. There are also quite a few serviced apartments or pensions more or less close to city. They usually offer quite good value with special weekly rates starting at 1000 CZK a day close to city for a double room. Usual check in time is 12pm or 1 pm and check out time 11am or 12pm.

    Accommodation In Prague: When choosing hotels in Prague it is good to check many offers. Some hotels offer very good value when it comes to price but later don't be surprised! Many Some hotels which are in fact 3*** claims to be 4**** etc. So check all information about hotels before making booking. There is many hotels which are really beautiful, boutique hotels or romantic hotels. Take your time a search hotels at Google etc.

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